Monday, January 30, 2006

MAGILLA the Gorilla Smoker

When I was a kid I kept having the same dream night after night. In the dream there was a tree house with a long flight of wooden creaky stairs up to the front door, each night I would have to climb those stairs and knock on that door. The door would open and out would come a big ugly hairy gorilla then, that gorilla would chase me the rest of the night.

When I got older I promised myself I'd catch that Gorilla and eat him.

I needed a cooker to cook him with so I built a BBQ Smoker. Because we all know Low and Slow smoked gorilla is much better than boiled gorilla.

My wife of 25 yrs, calls me Magilla so I named my BBQ, "Magilla" after the gorilla.

Magilla has a firebox that is fed through the two smaller doors on the bottom. It has a Propane tube burner full width to backup the wood or charcoal fires.It has 4 wheeled dollies for leveling on uneven jungle floors.

The two top doors are for the warmer that keeps finshed foods warm.

It has eight trays 16" X 48" that rotate around a stationary 18" X 48" center tray. The center tray can be used for a whole hog or beans.

It has a timer and drive system to move the outer trays around the center tray. The meat moves through the higher heat top of smoker then across the cooler bottom. It has proven itself with brisket, pork, ribs, chicken and all the traditional smoked stuff. There is one problem, now I need to move to a bigger city. There are only 2000 people in the town where I live thats not enought to eat what Magilla can cook.

OOh SURE now my wife tells me its not right to eat Gorilla. Thats what I get for marrying a Califorinan.

Go Figure!!!!!