Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here is "Magilla" hooked up and ready to travel to the Spring Shoot to Retrieve Dog Trial put on by my local Gundog club.

The Dog Trial was in March and it snowed like crazy. Here's "Magilla" tuffing out a blizzard, glad I had the backup propane I could hardly keep him warm without throwing in a whole log.

Here I'm getting ready to smoke 110lbs of prime rib for a wedding. I watched that Pecan fire like a hawk. Pulled the roast off at about 138-F measured @ center, let it rest in a cooler for an hour. It was a hit. Next time I went to 142-F inside though it went over better. 138-F was a little to rare looking but not to the taste.

"Magilla" can put a heck of a scald on those "WANGS" (Uncooked in the pic) I got to find some hotter hot sauce one guy ate one shelf full by himself.

Golf Tournament we served: Pulled Pork and Hickory Brisket, with Spicy Corn Salad, Slaw, and BBQ Beans.

Me and My little serving Buddy Mik Duffy, Im the one that likes to eat.


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